Brief Profile of Sensei Keith Nicholas (Rokudan Renshi)

Born in 1951 and started martial arts at the age of 12 years in Judo, Jujitsu and Kendo. He has a keen interest in Iaido, Jo, Sensu, Shiatsu and all things related to maintaining the true spirit of Budo. Due to an illness which has effected his joints Sensei now concentrates on the Spiritual development of martial ways through the philosophy and medium of Aikido. Hobbies include art, photography, video and debating. As a former part-time Senior Youth Worker he is dedicated to providing opportunities and counseling through creative participation. He has also taught at colleges and educational environments, guiding young people to develop in a holistic way. Over the years Sensei has worked in a number of establishments dealing with people with disabilities, emotional problems and even those who take great delight in being social "rebels". For over 35 years Sensei has been teaching at the Sir Philip Game Centre, developing a martial arts section that is dedicated to promoting the spiritual and philosophical aspects of traditional budo.

However, due to some unfortunate circumstances we have had to vocate these premises and have now moved to Bears Wood Scout Camp, 254 Court Wood Lane, Croydon, CR0 9HJ. This venue is set in woods which offers a santuary away from town bustle and with a closeness to nature. 2016 was not a good year because he suffered a massive heart attack which he was lucky to survive. Released 48 hours after attack with 3 stents he ended up a week later back in emerency with bladder problems. A 1cm stone was discovered and removed which unfortunately led to serious infections when he was admitted as an in-patient for several weeks with sepis, and organ failure. Once again he survived after having 4 blood transfusions is now awaiting to go back in for a prostate op. This has disrupted the classes and unfortunately the aikdo session began to suffer the consequences. However, moving to a new venue it is hoped that a fresh start will return Seishinryu to it's former glory. Several students have helped to ensure that the legacy of Seishinryu will on.

Sensei was recently awarded Rokudan (6th) in Aikido and also holds Shodan in Judo and Jujitsu. Seishin Ryu is always available for fund raising events and charity displays. It is the aim and personal dream of Sensei to provide the means for individuals, both young and old, to take responsibility for reconciling the world in peace and harmony. His door is always to anyone at any time - no matter what the problem.

Successful Dojo's have now been opened in Iran and the members are doing an excellent job in promoting the art there, especially the women's aikido. It is hoped in the near future that dojos will be opened in other countries. He has had the pleasure of visiting many dojo's in Califonia, France, Germany, Wales and Scotland over the years and appreciates the knowledge he has gained from many sensei's he has met.

Originally know as the Croydon Martial Arts Centre because of the number of varied arts that were promoted, it was decided in about 1978 to adopt the name of Seishin Ryu Budo to emphasise the philosophical approach. The main art was originally Judo but over the years Aikido, Jujitsu, Kendo, Iaido, Karate, Muy Thai and Wu Shu Kwan offered students a unique choice. However, in recent years due to a number of circumstances, one by one, saw the unfortunate decline of the sections leaving only Aikido. Perhaps some day in the future we may be able to return to our former glory as an internationally recognized venue for individuals to again have a choice. But, for now the Aikido section will continue to provide a realistic and rewarding experience to the community and its members. Since the rebuilding of the Sir Philip Game Centre, it seems limited space and council bureaucracy that prevails in all aspects of society is putting enormous pressure on the Aikido group to sustain itself. However, thanks to the perseverance, dedication and commitment of not only its members but the support of the local community, the Seishin Ryu Dojo will continue to provide a legacy for generations to come.

Being a keen supporter of the local community as well as a member of the Croydon Lions provides the group to be involved with other activities which helps to showcase Seishinryu by attending major fund-raising events like the Addiscombe Carnival which is an annual event. Since the advent of his osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis Sensei has developed a low impact holistic programme know as Body Harmony. This programme allows the mature and also those with certain health and medical problems to participate in a physical activity.

Contact by Email or by phone (44) 020 8656 2181 or 07950 465814 (mobile)

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